I would love to help your business. We have special rates right now starting at $600. 70% discount for limited time and for businesses and organizations who can show their need. Contact us to learn more.
Please consider donating to help us work with more businesses and nonprofits to keep their doors open. If you have a business you want to nominate that could use the help, please contact us and let us know their story.
I have been helping local businesses in Roswell, GA get out their message of what their customers need to know about doing business with them going forward. All of them are practicing CDC guidelines to keep their customers safe as well as their own team. I work with restaurants most of my time. These past few weeks I have looked at local businesses in my town and could sense how they needed our support. So I reached out to Holcomb Bridge Chiropractic, Slopes BBQ, Adele's on Canton, El Porton & the bakery I Canita Cake to offer my storytelling skills. Maybe you want to help a local business as well. You can pay for my services as a gift to a local business as a way to support them. Maybe you need to get your message out. Give me a call.